Canceling Cancer Scholarship Winners

2020 Winner: Zinedine Hoque

Biography: Hello! My name is Zinedine Hoque, and I am a senior at Cornell University. I study Biological Sciences and I have minors in Psychology and Science and Technology. I live in Parkchester, Bronx. I want to become a cancer researcher in the future. In my spare time I love to read, watch shows, travel the world, and give back to my community by volunteering.

Reaction Statement: Thank you so much for choosing to award me this scholarship. I cannot express how grateful I am. The true meaning of this gift is beyond words, and I cannot thank you enough for your generosity. This scholarship will lift many financial burdens as I finish college and embark on my journey of graduate school. Growing up with many obstacles has presented academic challenges, but ultimately helped me realize the value of education. You have inspired me to continue working hard to become a cancer researcher, no matter the cost.

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