X-ray of broken shoulder

When injured on the railroad due to your employer’s negligence, medical bills can pile up and your injury may prevent you from working. As a result, you may fall into debt or financial stress. However, you don’t need to accept this as an occupational hazard. When your employer’s failure to keep you safe leaves you injured, a FELA lawyer can help you recover the compensation you deserve. Keep reading to learn what damages you can recover during this challenging time.

What Damages Can I Recover in My FELA Claim?

There are a number of damages you can recover under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, including economic damages. These are quantifiable financial losses that occur as a direct result of the injuries. For example, if you are hurt and break your leg, you may require surgery. This surgery may have a recovery time of four months, meaning you will be unable to work until you heal. As such, you may be able to recover payments for the medical bills and the earnings you could not collect due to your injuries.

You may also be able to recover non-economic damages following a railroad-related injury. These are subjective damages that do not have a quantifiable, monetary cost. This includes the loss of enjoyment of life, which occurs when you can no longer participate in the activities you once enjoyed. For example, if you coached your child’s little league baseball team after work, the injuries you sustained may leave you unable to do so. As a result, you are missing out on spending valuable time with your child, causing you to become depressed. Similarly, if you experience chronic pain from your injuries, you may be eligible for pain and suffering compensation.

It’s imperative to keep all documents related to your injuries, such as photos and videos of the wounds, security footage that captured the incident, and all medical records.

How Can an Attorney Help Me?

If injured due to the negligence of your railroad employer, it’s in your best interest to contact an attorney as soon as possible. You only have three years from the date of the accident to file a FELA claim following a work-related injury.

Also, trying to navigate a FELA claim by yourself can make it challenging to receive the full compensation you deserve. This is because you are not as familiar with your rights and the law as an experienced attorney who can fight on your behalf.

When you are injured while working on the railroad because your employer failed to keep you safe, Doran & Murphy is ready to assist you. Our dedicated legal team has experience navigating FELA claims, and we will fight for the best possible outcome for your circumstances. Contact us today to learn how we can help you navigate this challenging time.