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If you’ve been injured while working on the nation’s railways, you may understand that filing a FELA claim will help you receive compensation for your employer’s negligence. However, when this doesn’t pan out, you may rely on an attorney to help you receive compensation. Unfortunately, many lawyers do not have the necessary experience to help in these instances, meaning you may not get the financial help you need. As such, it’s essential to ensure the firm you choose has attorneys who are members of ARLA. Keep reading to learn more about this organization and discover how the ARLA lawyers from Doran & Murphy can assist you.

What Purpose Does ARLA Serve?

The Academy of Rail Labor Attorneys (ARLA) is an association of attorneys who practice law surrounding railroad injuries and the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, as well as the Federal Rail Safety Act (FRSA). Founded in 1989, the purpose of this organization is to uphold the protections granted under FELA while promoting safe working conditions for those who are employed by the nation’s railroad companies.

As such, this organization of attorneys who specialize in FELA claims is constantly sharing information and documents. This allows member attorneys a wealth of exclusive knowledge to help represent their clients to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, railroads are continuously coming up with new ways to evade responsibility for their negligence. However, ARLA members can share the methods employers attempt to use to help other attorneys better prepare for trial to protect their clients.

Why Is It Important to Work With an ARLA Member if I’m Hurt?

Unfortunately, many injured rail workers make the mistake of thinking they can hire a personal injury attorney with limited experience handling FELA cases. FELA is a complex legal matter making it essential to hire an attorney who is experienced and familiar with this act.

By choosing a firm with ARLA members, you can obtain peace of mind knowing that your case is in good hands. ARLA members share the same values, provide assistance and aid to injured workers, maintain standards of ethics and competence, and do everything possible to help their clients receive FELA compensation.

As previously mentioned, ARLA members will also have access to thousands of documents and attorneys who can help provide invaluable advice on cases. This helps ensure that your attorney will exhaust all possible resources in the fight for the compensation you are entitled to at the hands of a negligent employer.
If injured on the job, it’s in your best interest to contact an ARLA lawyer as soon as possible to fight for the compensation you deserve. At Doran & Murphy, we’re proud members of the Academy of Rail Labor Attorneys. Contact us today to learn how we can help you navigate any challenges you may face after a railroad injury.