Governor Cuomo announced today that the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has designated Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a Comprehensive Cancer Center and renewed its core funding for five years.

Roswell Park’s mission is to understand, prevent and cure cancer, and is the only facility with the National Cancer Institute’s designation in Upstate New York. It has held this designation since 1974.

There are 41 designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the country. To receive this designation, a facility must demonstrate a depth and breadth of research activities in laboratory, clinical and population-based research. You can read more about the designation process here.

Roswell Park, and other Comprehensive Cancer Centers today have been pivotal in assisting our clients who have been diagnosed with cancer and had occupational exposures to asbestos and diesel fumes. Research and screening programs, such as low-dose CT scans, have helped our clients keep track of their health given the risks from their occupational exposures at the railroad.

If you are a railroad worker who has been exposed to asbestos or diesel exhaust at work, and you have been diagnosed with cancer, please contact us for information on yoru legal rights.