Genomic sequencing of cancer patients has begun at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY. This follows New York State approval of such testing, which was given in late July. The OmniSeq Target is one of only three tests approved in New York for profiling and interpreting genetic information contained in tumors.

This past month, clinicians began using this advanced molecular diagnostic test at Roswell Park’s Center for Personalized Medicine. The OmniSeq Target detects specific gene mutations and uses this information to match patients with targeted therapies. This allows doctors and their patients to make better-informed treatment decisions.

Comprehensive genomic sequencing is the wave of the future. In Roswell Park’s press release, President & CEO Donald L. Trump, MD was quoted as saying, “This test represents a major step forward in patient care. For years, the promise of genomic medicine has been largely theoretical and prospective. OmniSeq Target gives us the ability to identify, for many cancer patients, which therapy is going to be most effective for an individual, sparing patients from having to take a medication that was never going to work for them. We can expect dramatic improvements in both patient outcomes and quality of life.”

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