As discussed on our blog previously, when a potential client contacts our office regarding a claim against the railroad for asbestos related cancer or diesel exhaust related cancer, we carefully evaluate the claim.

One of the major factors in whether we believe a claim has merit is whether we believe we will be able to prove that your railroad exposures to asbestos, diesel fume exhaust, welding fumes, and other toxic substances caused your cancer. The best way to prove that your cancer was caused by occupational exposures is through an expert witness. Expert witnesses might be nationally-known experts in a particular area such as industrial hygiene or pathology, or might be your own treating physician. These experts carefully consider your medical records, information about your exposures while working at the railroad, your cigarette smoking history, medical studies and literature, and much more before determining whether your cancer was caused by your work exposures.

If you are considering pursuing a claim against the railroad for exposure to asbestos, diesel fume exhaust or other toxic substances, contact us at Doran & Murphy to discuss your legal rights.