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The personal injury law firm of Doran & Murphy, PLLC, works with clients to reach successful verdicts and settlements in cases for serious injury and wrongful death. Many of our recent settlements are confidential and cannot be disclosed. However, a representative sample of some of our trial court cases and settlements follows below. To find out more about our law practice and court record, please contact us at (800) 374-2144 or complete our convenient contact form.

  • Cancer , Asbestos and Diesel Fume & Exhaust Exposure and Verdicts
  • Personal Injury Settlements and Verdicts


  • Verdict awarded for the family of a worker who died of mesothelioma.


  • Verdict for retired railroad signal maintainer with lung cancer. Reduced by 40% for contributory negligence.


  • Award for railroad worker suffering from mesothelioma.


An engineer diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer was granted a confidential settlement amount in excess of this amount.


A 79 year old Ohio engineer and former smoker received this verdict when a jury found the railroad’s violation of federal regulations was a major contributing factor to his throat cancer and chronic lung disease.


A former conductor, retired twelve years prior to his death and residing in Arizona, was granted this settlement for lung cancer.


  • Railroad brakeman, conductor and engineer diagnosed with lung cancer at age 70. He was a cigarette smoker up until his diagnosis with cancer. Unfortunately, he passed away during his claim. His family continued the claim and agreed to a confidential settlement with the railroad.


  • Railroad Bridge & Building (B&B) department employee battling lung cancer despite having never smoked cigarettes.  The railroad claimed that he did not have sufficient exposure to any toxic substance despite the claimant describing removing asbestos from buildings by hand.  The railroad and worker agreed to settle the claim for a confidential sum.


  • Family of a trainman who died from lung cancer after a 40-year career with three railroads. The deceased railroad worker battled his cancer with chemotherapy and radiation treatment, but ultimately passed away surrounded by his loved ones. The railroads argued that his remote history of cigarette smoking was the sole cause of his cancer. The parties agreed to a confidential settlement.


  • Railroad conductor diagnosed with bladder cancer, despite never smoking cigarettes. The conductor worked throughout the 1970s, 80s and 90s for various railroad companies in many different states. He described his exposures to diesel exhaust, particularly on steep grades, and on older locomotives where exhaust would seep in through the floor and window seals of the cab. The railroad companies and the conductor agreed to settle this case without litigation.


  • Railroad brakeman/conductor diagnosed with mesothelioma at age 79. He was exposed to asbestos from railroad brake shoes, from asbestos wrapped pipes from the locomotive cab heating system and from switching cars at various local industries, including at a Johns-Manville plant. He was a cigarette smoker for his entire life. Unfortunately, he passed away during his claim. His family continued the claim and agreed to a confidential settlement with the railroad.


  • Traincrew member injured in transport van accident: confidential settlement in excess of $1,000,000


  • Locomotive engineer with lung injury due to toxic exposures including ballast dust: confidential settlement of $1,100,000


A construction worker who fell while erecting structural steel.


Wrongful death settlement


A worker who was struck by a falling object.


  • Jury verdict for 50 year old freight conductor who suffered a non-operated herniated lumbar disc, after falling from an elevated snow bank during an air brake inspection.


A brakeman suffered from occupational-related hearing loss was awarded this figure by a jury verdict in Portsmouth, Virginia.


  • A machinist who suffered a knee injury after a two-foot wrench fell on him received this jury verdict.


  • A Pennsylvania conductor received this settlement for low back injuries sustained while setting a handbrake on a railroad car.


  • A wrongful death case for an automobile accident.


  • A locomotive engineer who sustained soft tissue cervical injuries, after a gondola car struck his locomotive cab was awarded this jury verdict.


  • $875,000 – Ohio engineer who sustained a mild closed head injury during a train derailment in Erie, Pennsylvania was awarded this settlement by jury verdict.


  • A 60 year old railroad conductor who tore both rotator cuffs while attempting to release a handbrake received this settlement one day before jury selection.


  • Conductor who sustained knee injuries after slipping on iron ore pellets in a railroad yard.


  • Jury verdict for conductor with injured back from motor vehicle accident.


  • Conductor who sustained shoulder injuries after falling on oil on locomotive stairs was awarded this settlement.


  • Conductor who sustained knee injuries in an accident on a locomotive received this figure.
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