Verdicts and Settlements

The personal injury law firm of Doran & Murphy, PLLC, works with clients to reach successful verdicts and settlements in cases for serious injury and wrongful death. Many of our recent settlements are confidential and cannot be disclosed. However, a representative sample of some of our trial court cases and settlements follows below. To find out more about our law practice and court record, please contact us at (800) 374-2144 or complete our convenient contact form.

  • Cancer , Asbestos and Diesel Fume & Exhaust Exposure and Verdicts
  • Personal Injury Settlements and Verdicts


  • Verdict awarded for the family of a worker who died of mesothelioma.


  • Verdict for retired railroad signal maintainer with lung cancer. Reduced by 40% for contributory negligence.


  • Award for railroad worker suffering from mesothelioma.


An engineer diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer was granted a confidential settlement amount in excess of this amount.


A 79 year old Ohio engineer and former smoker received this verdict when a jury found the railroad’s violation of federal regulations was a major contributing factor to his throat cancer and chronic lung disease.


A former conductor, retired twelve years prior to his death and residing in Arizona, was granted this settlement for lung cancer.


  • Locomotive engineer with lung injury due to toxic exposures including ballast dust: confidential settlement of $1,100,000


  • Traincrew member injured in transport van accident: confidential settlement in excess of $1,000,000


A construction worker who fell while erecting structural steel.


Wrongful death settlement


A worker who was struck by a falling object.


  • Jury verdict for 50 year old freight conductor who suffered a non-operated herniated lumbar disc, after falling from an elevated snow bank during an air brake inspection.
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